Evaluations and real estate appraisal
Establishing a realistic sales price for your property is the starting point for any real estate transaction. 
Our evaluation methodology consists of two approaches :
Firstly, we ananalyze the market identifying similar properties to yours, while equally reviewing sales prices achieved within your area and specific neighborhood. Secondly we assess the value of exisiting buildings and land within your area.
Consistency between these two approaches defines a realistic sales price. 
We will provide you with a structured document showing the full assessment of your property. 
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Real Estate Sales
If our Private Sales Assistance is not for you and you would rather stick to the classic model of having an agency taking care of everything, then is here to help. Considering the financial challenge of a real estate transaction, we believe that it is important to have a professional and trusted partner by your side. Every property and its selling process are unique with many pitfalls to be avoided. advises you through the entire sales process, from evaluating the property to putting it on the market, to finally signing the deed. offers a quality service based on expertise and long-term experience on the property market. 
Our services include:
  • Property valuation
  • Visibility: Your property ad on &, professional sign affixed to your proeprty, a sales brochure, professional photos, advertisements in the national and trade press
  • Researching potential clients
  • Carrying out visits with potential buyers according to your requirements
  • Drafting initial sales agreements, ensuring optimal legal protection
  • Proven negotiation skills
  • Protecting you from any mistakes which may incur additional costs and risks of legal dispute
  • Information about the customer's creditworthiness before signing a sales agreement
  • Contact with the notary
  • Registering your sale with the necessary authoroties in Luxembourg
  • Providing a detailed financial and tax simulation in case of rental investment

Rent & Lease Management Services
We offer a complete rental service for your property. This includes advice concering legal conditions which may be part of your lease, indexation of rents, work to be undertaken by your tenant at the end of the lease etc.
Agency fees are borne by the tenant, this service is entirely free to the owner.
Besides conventional rental agreements, we also offer a rental management services which guarantees you an annual rent even if the apartment is not rented out. Beyond this financial security, we also take care of the entire management of the property and any contact with tenants. Last but not least, we also offer a comprehensive financial and tax simulation for your rental investment.
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Property Developer Services
Luxembourg’s real estate market for new builds is becoming increasingly competitive. We offer high quality sales brochures and business consulting tailored to your project. Are you looking to stand-out from the crowd? Then this offer is for you!
This service is free of charge for clients who choose us as their exclusive sales or co-sales partner.
Please don’t hesitate to have a look out our sales brochures to see what we offer.