Our fees

Rental fees

The agency commission is set at one month's rent plus the applicable VAT which is 17%.

Rental commissions are to be paid to the real estate agency by the tenant. It is due only in the event of the rental agreement being fulfilled.

Fees for entry and exit inventory

Entry and exit inventories as well as the inventories for furnished and equipped apartments are the responsibility of the owner.

A detailed entry inventory with photos is invoiced at € 150 excluding VAT

A detailed exit inventory is invoiced up to € 150 excl.

A detailed inventory with photos at the entrance is billed at € 200 excluding VAT

A detailed inventory at the exit is invoiced up to € 200 excluding VAT

Fees for the sale of real estate

Commissions for property sales are set at 3% of the sale price plus VAT (currently 17%), payable on the day of the notary deed by the seller.

Fees for property valuation

As part of an in-depth, reliable and precise real estate evaluation, the fees are the responsibility of the person who requests it. The invoiced price will be from € 750.00 plus applicable VAT which is 17%, depending on the size of the item.

The estimate costs are deducted from the commission price if the agency receives the exclusive sales mandate for a fixed period of 3 months.

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